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Illustration & Character Design

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Illustration & Character Design

Amadea Szamosi

Digital Art &
Character Design

Hey Guys, my name is Amadea and I am so thankful that you are giving me your attention and time. Since I was a little kid I loved art, princesses, and animation so much but not until I was 26 I got the opportunity to start doing art every day.I was born and raised in Hungary then decided to pursue a Division 1 basketball career at University in the United States. Here while in College I met my husband Jason who is the love of my life and also a fellow passionate artist.After getting married we moved to Hawaii and shortly after I decided to pursue digital art. I am so overjoyed that I get the opportunity to paint and improve every single day.My husband is my biggest cheerleader but also have so many amazing friends I have met along this journey that I couldn’t be more thankful for.
My goal is to bring some magic into this world, put a smile on your face and improve and grow my art every day.
Hopefully one day I can illustrate books for teenagers and maybe even have an animated series. I believe that dreams are meant to be reality. Every journey starts with a single small step.Thank you for reading my little intro and of course would be so happy to get to know you more. My inbox is always open. Have an amazing day! ☺️🌸


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Thank You so much for loving my artwork and being interested in a commission from me. You are truly amazing!😍

I put all my heart into all my creations to make sure it’s exactly as you imagined with unlimited sketch revisions. So excited to get started and hear from you!

Custom Artwork Examples

✨please read below✨

Pricing is based on the average time the final artwork takes for the artist with a $10-$20 hourly rate. This includes but not limited to, researching and finding references, sketching, drawing lineart, painting, revisions, communicating with the client.

Example base pricing below are always for One character. Background and additional characters are also excluded and can be subject to a custom fee.

Artist holds the rights to own and distribute all commissioned artwork, unless specifically discussed and potential additional fees are agreed upon.

Portrait $100 & Up

Average between 6-8 hours total.

Waist-up portrait $150 & up

Average between 8-12 hours total.

Full Body Character $200 & up

Average between 12-22 hours total.

Commercial Work Examples

Character Drawings

Original characters/ scenic concepts from “The Wonderful World of Tissy Rose” © by S.Clowette

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